International Theatre & Social Change Summer School

13th & 14th July 2018, Liverpool

The first Rediscovering the Radical: Theatre & Social Change Summer School was held in July 2018. We welcomed 8 brilliant delegates from a diverse range of artistic disciplines and backgrounds from all over the UK. From the feedback we gathered after the training had finished;

All 8 participants said the training either met or exceeded their expectations,

all 8 said they found the training inspiring, exciting and engaging,

all 8 said Sarah, who led the training was knowledgeable in her field, and that the resources provided were of high quality,

and perhaps most importantly to us, all 8 left the training feeling confident and able to put what they learnt to professional use.

Here’s what else they had to say…

“The practical exercises were really useful to get a sense of how the theory works in practice and also to flex your creative muscles”

“Having moved away from theatre it was fantastic to be reminded of my passion and to sit nodding the entire time! Loved the practical elements.”

“[The] Practical exercises that elaborated on the learning and helped to demonstrate Sarah’s knowledge on the subject was fantastic – and she was flexible and adaptable to peoples needs.”

“It was fascinating to hear about creating theatre that has had an impact, has been collaborative and how to work with these models. The level of detail was really high, which is so great!”

“I loved the practical work and felt the balance between practical and theory was perfect. I felt the tone was pitched perfectly and was neither too academic nor too basic – we were challenged in the right way. Content and structure was spot on!”

“It was all useful. I consider myself quite experienced in this area but I learnt so much and also feel inspired and re-energised in relation to my own creative practice and my HE teaching.”

“Wonderful, warm, practical and engaging Strong, robust, ethical and caring set-up Felt the group was cohesive and supporting. Very inclusive, approachable team. Even though I’ve not made a theatre piece yet I still feel immersed in the discussion.”

“Sarah is an excellent facilitator, passionate, warm and engaging I thoroughly enjoyed the course, all community artists should undergo some of this training. Happy to facilitate it down in the South West as an example of best practice.”

“It was a lovely feeling to hang out with my tribe! So welcoming! For me it was like a 2 day re-cap of my degree, with all of the best bits!”

“It has been such a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting few days. At a challenging time it has re-energised me with hope to continue, that there are other people out there who are passionate about this stuff and who get it. Sarah’s style and breadth of knowledge was outstanding.”

“The 2 day Rediscovering the Radical course led by Sarah was fantastic. I have learnt such a great deal of things – from ethical considerations, to practical exercises and best practice. I honestly can’t recommend this course enough – it was great value for the amount I learnt and how inspired and fired up I feel. I can’t wait to put the learning to good use! Thank you!”

“Loved it. I was a bit worried that I’d be out of my comfort zone massively but as it turned out I didn’t. I felt challenged at times but in a good way. Lots of stars in my notes for things I want to google later – a really good sign, Thanks, it was amazing! Great group, feel inspired.”

“Absolutely fantastic workshop! I’m feeling so inspired to go and make theatre that makes a change, this is so applicable to my practice and I cannot wait to use it.”

“Thank you for your vibrancy, honesty and energy Sarah. You have completely re-energised and inspired me at a time when I’d lost the fire in my belly. Getting in a room with like-minded amazing professionals is so important to keep conversations happening and to inspire each other – it can get quite lonely in the applied theatre world and it shouldn’t be the case!”