Conference Videos

Don’t despair if you couldn’t make it to Rediscovering the Radical, we will be updated the page regularly with videos . Just click on each session title for the link.


Thursday 1st September


John Holloway, Jan Cohen Cruz, Sarah Thornton, Savitri D and others offered some preliminary provocations to stimulate quick-fire delegate responses.

8.15pm – Banner Theatre present In a Right State!

The legendary Banner Theatre performed their latest show, a no-holds-barred attack on neo-liberal austerity and a celebration of defiance. With the decimation of Britain’s NHS as the focus, Banner brought their unique interweaving of song and story and supplied the perfect conference opener.


Friday 2nd September 

9.30am – Now is the Moment to Learn Hope 

The inspirational John Holloway (sociologist, philosopher and Professor at the Autonomous University of Puebla) set the political frame for the conference. Rooted in his expereinces from the Zapatista movement through Occupy, and his deep thinking around radical change, John shares with us his optimistic vision for building a post-capitalist future.  Followed by Q&A/discussion.

1pmReverent Billy and participates perform at The Bombed Out Church

Rev. Billy, Savitri D and participants perform an action at Liverpool’s Bombed Out Church.

8pm – Happiness Makes its Comeback: Rev Billy

Happiness was always the claim and object of advertising, the language of the corporate state.  Buy this product and you will be happy.  And if you don’t buy it, you put your power, your looks and youth and freedom at risk.  But now consumer society has come down crashing, and happiness is not necessarily associated with the accumulation of products.  We don’t think of conspicuous consumption as a thing to desire.  The violence of consumerism that was always there is now overshadowing the middle-class conveniences.  The whole system has broken down.The system has broken down so completely, with neighbors shooting neighbors and computer bombs in the air, with everyone hacking everyone and talk of our general anguish – now happiness is radical.  Happiness is the stuff of change, after being hijacked by products for so many years – deliverance to a smile is coming with equality, liberty and love of the Earth.

10pmLiving It – Colectivo Sustento Q&A with Matthew Elliott

Discussion after the screening of Colectivo Sustento’s Sharing the Collective which offers an insight into their work in Chilean prisons and communities as a collective, making art and food together.


Saturday 3rd September

10am – Keynote Conversations 

Professors Jan Cohen-Cruz and Tim Prentki share their most recent thinking and draw on their exceptional wealth of experience in all aspects of theatre for change. Jan opens with Common Ground: Uncommon Partners reflecting her deep interest in cross-sector collaborations; and Tim follows with Joking Apart: The Social Performance of Folly, in which he argues that playful, foolish theatre can challenge the neoliberal monoculture.  Followed by Q&A/discussion.