Virtual Migrants

Virtual Migrants connects art, digital media and performance with new aesthetics and perspectives exploring race, migration and global justice. We create, exhibit, perform and distribute work that can be installed in galleries, performance venues, public or community spaces.

Over the years we have produced interactive media art, film and music such as the “Terminal Frontiers” exhibition that has been shown in galleries across the UK and abroad, we have collaborated with UK-based artists and communities at all levels and geographies, have published educational resources about refuge and immigration, have created a series of performance works entitled “Passenger”, and have produced a major publication “Exhale” as a DVD-CD-booklet box set covering five years of our productions. We are currently working on issues around race, refugees, and climate justice as well as other linkages.

Virtual Migrants Association was founded in 1998 to bring together a range of artists, particularly those working in visual, music, performance and writing, to collaborate on moving image and new media projects. Its critical purpose is to add new aesthetics, artistic responses and perspectives to themes of race, migration and globalisation; to cross boundaries between artists and non-artists, including with theorists, activists and communities; to draw attention to expressions of migrants whose existence is held in question; and to artistically explore and respond to the causes of racialised political issues which continually make headline news.

Reclaiming the Collective: Black and White collaboration in the age of post-identity politics

A workshop which looks at how political performance has evolved and changed from 1972 to the present. Using performance and provocation and leading to an open dicussion around making political performance in the age of post-identity politics.