Lizzie Nunnery and Ryan Garry

Arts CutsLizzie is an award-winning playwright. The Swallowing Dark, produced by the Liverpool Everyman and Theatre 503, was a finalist for The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Past work includes the critically acclaimed Intemperance, produced by the Everyman, and Unprotected, which was awarded the Amnesty International Award for Freedom of Expression. Last year, her play Narvik opened in Liverpool and was described as a “thrillingly enigmatic memory play” by the Gu
. She is currently working on an adaptation of her radio play, The Sum with the Liverpool Everyman and another literary adaptation The Solitude of Thomas Cave. Lizzie is also working with the National Theatre as part of their Connections programme. Lizzie writes extensively for radio and has penned numerous original dramas and adaptations for Radio 4.

Ryan Garry is a North-West based freelance photographer and filmmaker. His recent short documentary, The Creative Process – made in association with the Rathbone Studio – was previewed in July 2015 at BFI Southbank and premiered in January this year at the Liverpool Small Cinema.


The Creative Process

In these collection of videos made by Ryan Garry in connection with his film The Creative Process, award-winning playwright Lizzie Nunnery talks about her approach to writing political theatre in Liverpool

The Creative Process interviews fourteen Merseyside artists – painters and photographers, sketchers and sculptors, each with their own compelling stories – and investigates the highly subjective nature of their creativity.

The film asks them to explore their artistic journeys – uncovering the varying and extremely personal idiosyncrasies of each individual. We will see how emotionally charged the creation of art is – that the methods and styles of each artist are linked with deeply important people in their lives, powerful moments in their memories, or an overwhelming sense of art and creation being a home for them.