Julie McNamara of Vital Xposure

THE KNITTING CIRCLE 3Vital Xposure┬áis a disability-led touring theatre company promoting excluded voices on the political periphery. Access is at the heart of all their work, as a key feature of the aesthetic, providing innovative and exciting theatre productions for artists and audiences alike. Recent work includes: Crossings 3 stories of identity, cultural migration and slavery (Commission for Liverpool’s DaDa festival), The Knitting Circle from stories gifted by survivors of the long care system, Whisper Me Happy Ever After, written from testimonies of children surviving violence at home, Let Me Stay, confronting Alzheimer’s with comedy and compassion – a love letter written with the author’s Mother.

Julie McNamara is an award winning playwright, theatre director and patron of DaDaFest. She is an outspoken activist for human rights and gender politics.


New Audiences/Political & Socially Engaged Art

A 20 minute paper looking at how Disability arts and in particular, how the radical culture of disability-led theatre has impacted on the wider agenda in developing theatre audiences today.