Eleanor G

Eleanor G

Eleanor is a creative activist, singer and writer. She is the founder and lead singer of the political hard rock band, Rooftop Revolutionaries who have shared the stage with the likes of Tom Morello and Immortal Technique at festivals, Occupy events and rock clubs around the US. She is also the host and writer of the occupy.com, Free Speech TV syndicated show, Act Out! which focuses on creative and grassroots activism. This weekly show gives updates on activism around the country, focusing on artists and creatives, grassroots actions and how people anywhere can get involved, from tweets to marching in the streets. In 2016, she will be releasing a book of her spoken word pieces that intro each episode; expected release in the summer. She is also a free-lance writer and consultant for creative outreach targeting 18-30 year olds via projects aimed at killing apathy through art. In this capacity, she gives speeches and runs trainings that blend performance with interactive discussion of creative actions and solutions.


You can’t have a revolution without art

Eleanor’s work is a blend of both creative activism in action as well as examples and ideas on how to use creative activism to change minds and turn apathy into action, embitterment into engagement.

Her performance centers around spoken word with the added theatrical backdrop of visual art . This covers the content-hungry base by appealing to the over-saturated digital domains that human minds have become accustomed to.

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