Cap-a-Pie bring together professional theatre makers and communities to create theatre and foster learning and thinking through a democratic creative process. Cap-a-Pie has been working in participatory contexts with communities and making professional work for audiences in the North East of England and beyond since 1996.


The Town Meeting

Your town is teetering on the brink. Imminent destruction looms and time is running out to have your say…

Welcome to Little Rikjord, a small, remote, picturesque mining town in Doggerland. A town where the residents entire way of life is at stake.  You are a resident of Little Rikjord and, assisted only by shambolic Junior Planning Officer Benjamin Rennold, will be forced to make the biggest decision in the history of the town.

A new piece of theatre that places you at the centre of the problem, demands solutions, and gives you the power to completely change the story. Inspired by research into how communities decide what’s important and why, the show shines a light on Britain’s fast changing political landscape.

Audiences have said ‘The Town Meeting’ was “curious and adventurous”, “brilliant – entertaining and interesting… didn’t want it to end!” and “rage inducing”.

This play explores how communities react to external pressures and seek to represent themselves. Rather than research participants, the audience will be co-investigators. Dr. Paul Cowie from Newcastle University will be making a written record of the performance but no personal information will be taken nor will anyone or their views be identifiable in the published research. There will be an opportunity to be credited as co-researchers.