Banner Theatre

Banner Theatre has worked since 1973 with trade unions and communities in struggle to produce documentary-based touring performances that engage audiences in a critical dialogue for change. Rooted in the tradition pioneered by co-founder Charles Parker and his acclaimed BBC series The Radio Ballads (1958-1964), Banner uses the ‘actuality’ of people’s words captured by audio or video, combined with visual, musical and dramatic elements to generate a distinct form of cultural and political intervention.

Banner’s praxis is underpinned by popular education methodologies in workshops that explore ways that unions and community activists can fight back against the neo-liberal political agenda.


In A Right State!

The production unpicks the government’s current neo-liberal austerity agenda with a particular focus on the NHS. It celebrates the struggles of past generations who fought to create the welfare state, and of current generations, such as the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, who are fighting to defend our services from the latest Tory surgical attacks.

In A Right State! also includes dynamic stories of defiance from disability campaigners in Cardiff and anti-bedroom tax campaigners in Birmingham. These interviews, interwoven with powerful, poignant songs and images of struggle, offer an antidote to the Tory Blitzkrieg of cuts and privatisation.

“I simply can’t speak highly enough of Banner Theatre! A brilliant mix of music, film, humour and politics. It’s a terrific way of reminding us why we need to keep angry, keep organising and keep fighting. Bring everyone you can, old and young – particularly young – to see this show.” Jon Berry, Secretary, St Albans TUC.