Enough is Enough projection

Over the past 30 years participatory and community arts has been largely depoliticised and now too often functions as a quick fix for social problems. Rediscovering the Radical took the position that maginalised individuals don’t need fixing: the system does. The conference was a unique opportunity for artsits, activists and academics who are passionate about the need real change to come together. It was a hot-bed for new thinking and a fabulous melee of creative experiences.


Prosthetics salesmanRediscovering the Radical was an international conference that explored how theatre can contribute to radical social and political change in the 21st Century.

Hosted by Collective Encounters and the Department of Applied Theatre at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in conjunction with Unity Theatre, Rediscovering the Radical was an inspirational and agitational weekend of international performances, papers, workshops and discussion.

RtR was imagined in response to the wide-scale depoliticisation of community arts; and the absorption of participatory arts into the service of neo-liberal social inclusion agendas.  Its aim was to bring together a diverse mix of passionate change-makers to learn from and share with each other.

The focus for the conference was activism, artistic practice and academic thinking. The kinds of contributions included, but were not limited to, performances, workshops, performance lectures, academic papers, agitations, provocations and case studies.